Thailand - Day 15 - Saturday

745am comes, and goes. Eventually we take off about 830am due to weather somewhere, and a medical emergency on board before we took off. The pilots were very apologetic. This was the hardest flight of the trip. We’re all utterly exhausted from not sleeping in the airport, and to make matters worse I cannot sleep on planes no matter how tired I am. So I end up watching 4 movies and several tv shows on the entertainment system in the plane. Good thing they have 100+ movies to choose from (and good ones too!) I try to get up and move around as much as I can, but my back and legs are starting have issues, good thing we’re almost home.

We get to Chicago, where we wait through immigration yet again, and tote our bags through the airport to the Uber pick up area. After showers, some snacks, sleep was well earned for this trip.

Overall give REI a 1010 on this trip, and will be looking through what other international adventures they provide!

No pictures on this day.

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